The Bangalore Bakery


Bakeries have been an integral part of Bangalore’s charm, with every resident swearing by their local baker’s yummy biscuits and buns. With The Bangalore Bakery, the client Vaibhav Hegde wanted to create a cafe that was a fresh take on the iconic bakeries of the city, serving up local classics with a unique twist. We created a fun vintage look inspired by the pensioners' Bangalore, an ode to Paul Fernandes’ sleepy city of the swinging 70s. This is Malleshwaram meets Cantonment, Benne biscuit meets Maddur Vada.

With their glass cookie jars, fresh filter coffee, and the lingering aroma of fresh bread, TBB is a sensory throwback to older, simpler times; the good ol’ days of Bangalore - a time before the IT revolution and cellphones.

We made a map of iconic monuments and favorite eateries interspersed with endearing sights from across the city - such as the elneer uncle on a bicycle or a selfie-taking tourist outside the Vidhan Soudha. Don’t miss our attempt at a few limericks labeled: A throwback to tasty times.

The names of dishes on the menu pay homage to iconic food haunts in Bangalore, from Airlines Hotel to VVPuram Eat Street, Koshy’s to Mosque Road, Nasa Pub To Kumara Park, and The Only Place to Gandhibazaar. For example: “The Bangalore Club Sandwich” (the notorious dish that Winston Churchill didn’t pay for).

With this identity exercise, we descended heavily into the project, cheesecakes and benne biscuits in tow. Our recipe for this project was simple but delicious.

Ingredients :
Large portions of a typical Bangalore shade of blue
One ornate but timeless vintage typeface
A traditional monogram
Coppery tones from old rusty monkey tops.

Instructions :
I. Scour through books on the architecture and history of Bangalore. Visit the

neighborhood bakeries and eat all the buns you can.

ii. Understand the character of the brand at play. Easygoing, listens to old rock and

Rajkumar music and loves to take afternoon naps on the balcony.
iii. Observe and identify what really makes up an old-world Bangalore identity – a

city that is a confluence of cultures.
iv. Work with vintage typefaces to retain the familiarity of traditional hand-lettered

signages and posters. Experiment with letters to create a connected monogram.
v. Layer the typeface, monogram, and coppery ornaments with a base of

Bangalore Blue to complete the authentic Bangalore Bakery look.

Where Gulmohars line the street, and it’s Cubbon Park where people meet. Where friends ask you to come off, but rickshaws charge you one and off. Where Koshy’s is for brunch, and nipatt is what you munch. Where tiffin’s more important than lunch, that’s us the Bangalore bunch. We thrive on coffee or beer, and a pub is always near. We marry on Palace Grounds, while the Hoysalas do their rounds. Where traffic stands still, but hey, there’s always Nandi Hills. We used to be only pensioners, but now we’re only engineers. If you miss the days of Bangalore past, come off here and put one fast!

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