Obeetee is one of the largest and oldest carpet companies in the world. They work with

30,000 weavers across 7 villages in the Bhadohi district, which is the carpet weaving

belt in India. Since weaving is not taught in schools, it is learnt from parent to child, and

so the lineage of weavers is sometimes centuries old, with 3 generations having worked

with Obeetee over the last 100 years.

They have initiated many women into becoming generational weavers, in an industry

otherwise dominated by men. They have integrated themselves into the lives of

weavers, while still maintaining strong accountability practices, where quality checkers

visit the home looms of the weavers every 2 weeks to check on the progress of a carpet

which sometimes takes upto a year.

Over the last 7 years, Obeetee has worked with different fashion designers to create

collections with hallmarks of different textile cultures. This is a move in order for India to

be known as a repository of design talent, in addition to the ability to make complex

designs of the highest quality, in minute detail.

This website was designed to reflect their transition into retail as a design led company,

with strong ethics, systems, and a large inventory that allows people to find a carpet

that suits their space. In working with heritage companies such as Obeetee, is it

important to be cognizant and create designs that express their legacy appropriately.

This is translation of taking something legacy and making it apt for the digital age,

without removing its patina of elegance is something we do well – even if I may say so



We create modular panels that can be moved up and down, the information replaced

easily, to reflect the current collections. We have been working with them on multiple

projects since 2015, and also provide strategic advisory on their social media.

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