Tiger Tiger Burning Bright


“The obsession with the double-digit GDP is a bigger threat to the tiger than poachers.” - Jairam Ramesh

This is my favourite quote from the book.  My team and I designed this book for Vijay Mohan Raj, and Yashpal Rathore, who visualised this book like contemporary art, where the multiple layers may not individually be understood, but it leaves you with a feeling. This book is also a retrospective for us to analyse our follies and our attitudes.

This brief given to us was not to make it a sad story or a raging success story. It’s an unbiased presentation of the geopolitical landscape that had its effects. We didn’t fill it with graphs, dates and charts, rather to instil a change in consciousness. To recognise the beauty, mystery, and evanescence in a world outside our urban sphere, yet very much connected to it. To recognise that every small action, intention, even thought has consequences. The tiger is a representation of something larger. A web of life of which we are a part.

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